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I am a licensed General, Plumbing and Electrical contractor with over forty years experience In all aspects of commercial and residential construction.


I hold an Associate’s Degree in Building inspection. I am an associate member of the AIA (American Institution Architects), a member of ICC (International Codes Council), a member of the ENCAC (Eastern Neighborhoods Citizens Advisory Committee) - the advisory body to the San Francisco Planning Department, and also a member of the CAC (Codes Advisory Committee) at the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.


For the past 15 years my field of work has been as a permit and building codes consultant and I provide the following services:

I have two projects during the over 45 year years in business in San Francisco that I will forever remember. 


Back in the eighties a radio station called me about a publicity event for the station being the creating a beach scene at Union Square which I managed to pull off. I had a number of trucks deliver the sand which I then had back hoes and some 15 workers spreading it with rakes starting at 6:00 am and then had it removed by sunset! 


This year I had the honor to be selected as the coordinator with all the City agencies to move the Englander House, a 140-year-old Victorian mansion located at 807 Franklin Street to 635 Fulton Street.


I am an expert in permit management and tracking and facilitating the process. With my combined skills, knowledge, and experience in the construction industry I provide significant and tangible benefits.

I can provide information about existing code, identify potential Title 24 problems in the current plans, suggest solutions, and work with compliance officials to demonstrate the feasibility of the plans. My reputation for integrity and excellence in this field as one who also interact with inspectors in the field is a valuable asset to any organization dealing with Title 24 compliance issues.


The intricacies and complexities of building and planning codes can be mind-boggling. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming. Even with all the information there are the interpretations that vary from one plan checker to another. As a member of the Codes Advisory Committee I am kept up to date with code changes, information forms and administrative bulletins. I also pre-inspect projects for realtors and clients to determine if there are any code issues and recommend solutions.

As a contractor I gained experience in the various aspects of a construction project, including coordination of the subcontractors ensuring that all work is progressing in compliance with plans and codes. I frequently schedule and meet with inspectors in the field and coordinate with all governmental agencies involved with project inspections.


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